Small businesses have a big impact! One thing is for sure, as a small business owner you are not alone. There are millions of small businesses across the United States traveling the same road as you each and every day. Although your business operates in its own unique fashion, the cumulative impact of the small business sector is enormous. Small businesses make decisions everyday that affect their profitability and liability. For example, drafting and negotiating contracts might make or break a business’s bottom line, so make sure you fully understand every sentence. Additionally, knowing exactly what responsibilities each party to a contract has can help you avoid costly lawsuits down the road.

Priority Law offers general counsel services, meaning we can act as your business’s attorney without you having to have a full-time attorney on your payroll. With Priority Law’s flat-fee service, that means no more invoices for each phone call or email or question you have for your business attorney.

Whether you are starting a business, operating a business, buying or selling a business, or involved in a business dispute, you are dealing with business law. Business law involves pretty much anything your business deals with on a day-to-day basis. A variety of laws exist that govern how business is conducted in general, and in specific industries. Get acquainted with the laws that pertain to your small business. It makes good business sense to know how to handle legal issues that impact your business. Not all legal matters require an attorney, but they do require understanding. Sometimes the best way to protect yourself and your business is to know where to go for assistance.

When and why do you need to hire a small business attorney? The short answer is that you should consult with a business attorney anytime you’re making a decision that might affect the operation of your business, because one small mistake has the potential to give your business big problems. A Utah business attorney at Priority Law can provide you with a free consultation to address any concerns or questions you have. Remember, it’s better safe than sorry. In addition to free consultations, Priority Law uses flat-fee agreements, so you know exactly how much you’ll be invoiced right from the start.

The Small Business Administration reports that some of the most important lessons small business owners felt they learned after being involved in a lawsuit included (1) be more careful with paperwork, (2) control their intellectual property, and (3) address all complaints in a timely manner, no matter how small the problem. With all the time and money involved in running a business, it’s important to make sure you know all the consequences that come with each decision you make and each contract you sign. A Utah business lawyer at Priority Law can help you navigate your business through disputes, contracts, and other business decisions you’ll make, so you can focus on operating your business.

Utah law firms offer many options, but Priority Law offers no-hassle flat fees, which you won’t find anywhere else.